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About the place

Cancun is a globally renowned tourist attraction. The Mexican city is located beautifully on the Caribbean Sea. The beautiful sandy beaches should be included in every traveller’s wish list of destinations. In historical documents, it is noted that the city has been spelt as “Cancoon”. Spanish is the official language in all of Mexico. However Mexicans who work in Cancun, especially professionals in tourism industry are fluent in English. The natives or indigenous people still know and speak ancient Mayan languages. Cancun has a real mix of ancestral heritage and modern age tourism values. The universally accommodating weather and friendly locals make the city, solitary tourist paradise.

Few reputed hotels in Cancun city

Grand Oasis Palm
It has been previously known as Grand Oasis Caribbean Resort. You can have access to all type of restaurant from here. Food and drinks served here are the best in Mexican standards. You can get a “Grand” pass for enjoying access to bars, restaurants and every other available facility. Every guest loves the location and available superior access to every restaurant in the locality.

Dream Sands Cancun
Previously known as Grand Oasis Viva, this hotel holds a prestigious name to itself. They have a dedicated entertainment team to make guests take away pleasant memories for future. The pricing is pretty reasonable for the luxuries you can get here. You don’t miss any facility you get in Cancun, when you stay in Dream Sands. Fun under the sun is as good as guaranteed with this amazing location.

Gran Porto Resort and Spa
Gran Porto Resort and Spa is an all-inclusive resort and hotel. It is the best amongst the all-inclusive hotels in Cancun. It is also the best place to wind down in Playa Del Carmen. The colonial décor along with wonderful beach settings define the ambience of this resort. Beautiful tropical gardens are all around the place.

We hope our suggestions help you in future trips and stays. Feel free to contact us to suggest best Cancun hotels we have missed.

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