Aruba All Inclusive Resorts

Aruba All Inclusive Resorts

Aruba’s white sand beaches mark the paradise in South Caribbean. The tiny island has a lot to offer to every tourist who has time. Different shades of colours of the seas are just striking on the eye. On all notes, Aruba can impress you in myriad ways. You have several spots to explore in this one happy island. There are a million reasons why you must visit Aruba with beaches being the very first. The Eagle beach is favourite wedding destination for many. ‘Brides’ Magazine rates Aruba as one of the top honeymoon destination.

Riu Hotels and Resorts in Aruba

Riu has two of its hotels located in Aruba-Palm Beach. Palace Aruba is situated in close proximity to the beach. Two fresh water swimming pools, sauna and four themed restaurants makes Palace Aruba of Riu hotel chain your best choice. Palace Antilles, the 24 hour resort located in shores of Palm Beach is a nice alternative.

Why Riu?

Covering over 100 destinations in and around USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain and many more nations, Riu Hotels and Resorts have every places tapped. With exotic locations like Paradise Island, Cancun and Panama City, the hotels have made an excellent impression. Famous and exclusive destinations accounts for awesome trip and stay. The chain of hotels have, at the least four continents covered. The first Riu hotel is located in Spain, which was built six decades ago. By 1991 their first international hotel marked the beginning of reign of the most impressive hotel chain thereafter. Responsible business approach towards community and environment makes Riu stand apart from the rest. Corporate social responsibility is well knitted along the lines of vision and mission statement of the hotel company.

Making your Aruba trip with Riu…

Aruba and Riu can make you best honeymoon, wedding and any sort of tour. Many avid American and European tourist have preferred the islands for their annual relaxing trips. With direct flights available to Aruba throughout the year and their liberal policy on U.S dollars would make it tough to be overlooked. Their menu is influenced by 90 nationalities and that speak volumes about how they accommodate global tourists.

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